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Interligent kommunizieren GmbH
Königsteiner Straße 39
D-65812 Bad Soden am Taunus

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Marc Rosenberg

Handelsregister B 5239
Amtsgericht Königstein im Taunus

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Ready for the future

The daily demands on companies regarding strategic development, transparency and management of employees are constantly increasing. INTERLIGENT has developed a deep understanding of the requirements of a modern enterprise management in the past 15 years based on a variety of projects.

  • Effective project management
  • Analysis of KPIs
  • Manage employees
  • Track changes and processes and create sustainability

Our mission is reflected in our daily work. “Represent essential content as simple as possible to ensure an intuitive user interface” is one of our guiding principles in the development. These guiding principles are supplemented by our corporate values easy, pragmatic and, entrepreneurial.

Who we are

Motivation for innovation, understanding for technology, together with an intuition for design and usability. All of that combined in one company: INTERLIGENT kommunizieren.

Working as a partner and thinking out of the box are our core values.

Short lines of communication are important to us. Our strength is a broad and deep understanding for technology.

We are not your typical developers or designers – moreover, we are pragmatic and hands on in a technical sense - unorthodox and down-to-earth in our everyday doing.

Making things easy and understandable. That is our mission.

What we do

For over 15 years, INTERLIGENT kommunizieren is exceeding customer expectations by developing individual web based solutions tailor made for every customer.

Identifying room for improvement and find quick and viable solutions – that is our passion.

In addition to the technical understanding INTERLIGENT kommunizieren brings a broad industry expertise. We know the market mechanisms as well as the daily doing of the players.

Our software solutions are in use in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Financial
  • Insurance companies
  • Energy

One platform – 6 products

The software products of INTERLIGENT make a significant contribution in dealing with the everyday issues in your company:

  • Will my projects effectively and transparently controlled and executed by the organization and the employees?
  • How can I identify and optimize weaknesses in my processes and can measure and evaluate changes sustainable?
  • Do I have transparency on the different indicators in particular in the context of different system structures and IT landscapes?
  • Is my sales department close to ist customers and how effect?
  • Are my sales structures reaching into each other and where do they need targeted support?

These are just a few questions, where the software products of INTERLIGENT can support you. Moreover, our products are compatible with each other, therefore their application range can be extended at any time modularly. Thus, our products represent a future-oriented platform for our customers, responding to the needs and market trends and can be adapted correspondingly, at any time.

We evolve with your needs.

The product is made for companies that want to effi ciently steer their projects and want to keep track, how sustainable the changes defi ned within the project are implemented.

  • Keep track of and steer various projects at the same time
  • Steering and administration of activities and tasks at the same time
  • Automated project reporting
  • Capacity planning

Project management-Tool

The product is developed for companies, that want to keep track of their process and KPIs to proactively identify possible threads for the success of the company at an early stage.

  • Tracking of KPIs and their development
  • Early warning system when the KPIs and processes drastically change in a negative way
  • Steering and administration of activities and tasks


The product is made for companies, that want to keep track of their sales team activities and want to identify possible room for improvement.

  • Attach individual targets per employee
  • Compare as-is situation to targets in order to identify potential
  • Steering and administration of activities and tasks

Field Force steering-Tool

The product is made for companies that want to keep track of their standards. Audit documents and analyses the fulfi llment of these standards.

  • Implementation of standards
  • Steering of activities per location and auditor
  • Automated reporting about the as-is situation
  • Weak-point analysis


If a company wants to evaluate the perception of their brand on social media or at the respective target groups they want to approach, Brand is the product that supports the analysis of these questions.

  • Reflection of the awareness of the own brand
  • Measurement of the success of the marketing activities
  • Support in building a brand


The product is made for companies that want to do employee attitude surveys. It is also suitable for companies that want to do HR development and training.

  • Implementation of surveys
  • Steering of the survey period
  • Automatic reporting with specific recommended actions
  • Exposee possible need for trainings

HR Development-Tool


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